Legend has it that Count Marenzi of Bergamo, a rich 19th-century landowner, stopped off in Franciacorta during one of his travels to spend the night. … The day was drawing to a close and the summit of Mt. Guglielmo was already turning orange. The count, who was still in the saddle, was enthralled at the view. He saw the peaks in the distance, imposing and magnificent, and he spied the lake down below, which appeared to reflect a fragment of infinity, deep blue set among the rocks. The last snow would soon melt away and nature was already reawakening: birds twittered, scents and colours reigned supreme in the dreamlike atmosphere of a new dusk. By now won over, the count summoned his faithful servant, pointed to a spot on the ground and said, “Plant a pole. This is where I shall build my house.”

When the residence was ready, the Count and the Countess began to spend pleasant stays there; and it was in one of these periods that something extraordinary happened. For years they both wanted a son, but fate seemed adverse and they had almost lost hope. Yet in the new house the wish was fulfilled: nine months later, the Countess gave birth to a beautiful girl.

The years ran away fast; and although everything went well, from time to time the Count regretted not having had a male heir. One day he and the countess decided to try again: the doctors were of an unfavorable opinion, but they were convinced that they would succeed in Franciacorta. And no one knows how it could have happened, but it happened: between those walls, the same ones in which she had given birth to the child, the woman remained again waiting. Nine months later the much desired son was born.

Today it is difficult to say whether this is a true story or just a suggestive folk tale. But one thing is certain:

Casa della Buona Sorte will give you unforgettable emotions.